Kavana Spa is known for therapeutic massage as well as skin care, neuropathic medicine as well as yoga. Serving the greater Houston Metroplex, Kavana's therapists bring years of experience and talent to their customers.

  • Carpal tunnel massage
  • TMJ
  • Injury and medical condition, as well as pregnancy
  • Swedish, Deep Tissue and many more

Appointments can be set for the greatest convenience to their customers.
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Kavana Healing Arts & Spa in Houston, TX

What is Kavana Philosophy?

“At Kavana Healing Arts Spa, we provide the finest health and beauty treatments to both men and women using the highest quality professional products."

What is Kavana?
Kavana pronounced Ka-Va-Na means Intention.

Kavana is the intention by which our actions take place. According to the Rambam, the essence of Kavana is Awareness and Motivation. Wayne Dyer in his book "The Power of Intention" says that intention is not something you do, but rather something that you tap into - a force that exists in the universe.

At Kavana Healing Arts Spa we practice the art of healing intention. We believe that in order to achieve healing, each treatment session must begin with therapeutic intent. To do this we conduct thorough client assessments and direct our heart toward the therapeutic goals of each and every client.

“An intuitive approach based on focused intention, deep breathing and healing touch, backed by sound training and thorough client assessment."
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A Unique Approach

We customize each therapy session to suit the specific desires of the client. Whether it is relaxation, pain management, health maintenance, beauty treatments or stress reduction we create each therapy to satisfy. By approaching the individual as a whole- body, mind and soul, we create therapeutic and beauty treatments that address specific needs and release core issues. Because our entire focus is on the recipient, each treatment that we provide is unique and specialy tailored to the individual.